Mid-Week Faves

Every now and then I am going to talk about some things that I have been loving lately – and I want you to start loving them too.

Glass Straw by Strawesome. Reusable, BPA Free, and makes drinking those super thick smoothies super easy. After all, life sucks without a straw!

Raw Mascara by Earthlab Cosmetics. I switched over to this stuff a couple months ago and it’s amazing. Parabeen free, no clumping, and completely washes off with water.

Enerjive Quinoa Snack Crisps by Enerjive. This is the perfect mid-afternoon snack for me. High protein, gluten free and sweetened with maple syrup. My favorite is the Chocolate Fix with almond butter, banana slices and a sprinkle of cinnamon. They are local too!

Website: Young and Raw. These peeps have the best, most creative smoothie recipes I’ve seen yet. Want to try them all.

Song: Somebody That I Used To Know – Walk Off The Earth (Goyte-cover) Such an addictive chorus.

I know that this post probably belongs on Pintrest, but hey who cares. Enjoy hump day folks. Contact me if you want to buy a glass straw!