What is a Flexitarian?

It’s all about being flexible. And we’re not just talking about holding a yoga pose here—we’re talking food!

Flexitarianism is my food philosophy. It’s almost vegetarian or vegan, but not quite. It is about reducing and/or eliminating animal products in each meal, rather than cutting them out completely. Wherever you can find a meat or dairy based food, you can find a plant-based substitute. I call this the flexitarian alternative. I believe that a flexible plant-based diet leads to a stress free life. True foods are beautiful and they should be enjoyed. Micromanaging every aspect of our lives, let alone our diets, seems overwhelming and almost impossible in today’s fast paced society. This is why we should choose to just go with the flow, while still sticking to our beliefs. Smart choices add up, and they lead to a life that gets a little easier, healthier, and happier.  This flexible philosophy allows one to never feel guilty about sticking to a strict diet. A guilt free lifestyle means a stress free life. Stick to these guidelines

  • Follow a plant-based diet as much as you can
  • Always make sure to use the freshest ingredients and the healthiest alternatives
  • Eat local as much as possible
  • Incorporate super foods in your cooking
  • There is a flexitarian alternative for any staple, recipe, or craving.
  • When and if eating dairy, eat organic
  • When and if eating meat, eat organic
  • Adopt a green lifestyle

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