Peanut Butter Love Cups

It’s that special day of the year again (heart eyes emoticon)! As taboo as it is, this is my favorite holiday. I’m just so full of love!

As the hopeless romantic that I am, just like all other women in the world, there is nothing better than getting a sweet box of chocolates from your honey bunny. There is just something about eating a chocolate out of a heart-shaped box guilt free and not having to feel like a big fat piece of poop. Oh but wait a second. You always DO end up feeling like a big fat piece of poop because those chocolates you are eating aren’t actually chocolate, they are processed sugar, caramel colouring, poly-chemical pieces of death wrapped up in pretty red foil wrappers.

So all you men out there, you’re right about getting us chocolates for Vday, but how about this year you get us the real thing? Or even better make it (made with love converts into love making). I’m talking about REAL raw cacao. Some benefits?

– highest food source of antioxidants

– super high in magnesium. That’s why us women crave this stuff around that time of the month-the magnesium soothes cramps and gets rid of the headaches.

– prevents heart disease, promotes a healthy heart…especially around Valentine’s Day!

These peanut butter love cups are like Cupid’s crack. Make them for that special someone and they will instantly fall in love…

Peanut (or any other nut) Butter Love Cups

1/3 cup cacao butter

1/3 cup coconut oil

1/2 cacao powder

1/4 cup raw honey + 1 tsp honey

2 tbsp natural peanut butter

1/8-1/4 tsp arrowroot powder (for thickening)


– in a double boiler (pot with water, smaller pot inside pot of water over low heat) melt the cacao butter, coconut oil, cacao powder, and 1/4 cup raw honey together until smooth.

– using a popable ice cube tray, or mini muffin cups, spoon chocolate mixture into the cups just so each of the bottoms are covered. Freeze or refrigerate for 10 minutes.

– …meanwhile, in a small bowl mix together peanut butter, 1 tsp raw honey, and arrowroot powder together until you are able to roll the peanut butter in your hands with out sticking all over the place.

– take chocolate out of freezer, and place a small amount of peanut butter into each of the cups. Pour the rest of the chocolate mixture over cups, until peanut butter is completely covered.

– freeze for another half hour.

– put them in a pretty box and give them to a special someone.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


Super Bowl Sundae

I don’t usually do a lot of football watching, but I must admit I am a sucker for the Super Bowl. It’s probably because it’s an excuse for me to cook food. And lots of it.

This year I made Super Bowl Sundaes. Now the difference between my sundae and a sundae you would get at a restaurant watching the game, is that mine is actually good for you. Obviously. All of the ingredients are foods that your body can actually use as fuel. This is what the players should be eating before the big game. It’s jammed packed with good-for-you fats, plant proteins, antioxidants, and a touch of natural sweetness.

The base of this sundae is my homemade ice cream. Who knew that you could make ice cream without dairy? Or an ice cream maker? The creaminess of the coconut milk and the light hint of vanilla makes this ice cream just melt in your mouth. This recipe is SO good and even easier to make. You’ll never buy the real stuff again. This is the real stuff now, because it’s made with real food. Satisfaction guaranteed. Go Giants!

Coconut Ice Cream

1 can organic coconut milk

1/2 tbsp pure vanilla extract

1/4 cup raw agave syrup

1 tbsp vodka (or any other liquor – this helps the ice cream to stay creamy and not freeze solid)

1 banana, optional (if you want coconut banana ice cream)


– put all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth

– pour 3/4 of mixture in popable ice cube trays and freeze. Put remaining 1/4 mixutre in the fridge

– once frozen, put everything back into the blender or food processor and process until smooth

* if using a blender, you may have to smoosh the mixture a couple times with a wooden spoon (if you have a Vitamix then you’re golden).

For sundaes, scoop ice cream into a bowl. Top with coconut syrup, banana, cacao nibs, crushed nuts, goji berries, etc.

Key Lime Pie That’s Green Like Snot

I forgot to mention Jen in yesterday’s blog. She was my inspiration for my spicy balls!

When I was off doing my internship at Making Love In The Kitchen, I had the pleasure of being introduced to probably the most unattractive superfood there is – Irish Moss. This baby looks like snot, it smells like snot, it tastes a bit like snot. How is it not snot?

Irish Moss is a sea vegetable that acts as a thickening agent for soups, smoothies, pudding, and jams. I think it’s time we all say bye-bye to nasty whale blubber gelatin. A lot of food companies use the processed version known as carrageenan. Carrageenan is found in anything from lunch meats, to milk (including soy and nut milks), beer, and toothpaste. Let’s stick to the real thing shall we?

I shrieked a little when I first saw it, but once I found out about all the amazing things it can do for your body I was hooked.

  • It’s jam packed with minerals, B-vitamins, and taurine
  • It has superpowers for your thyroid (high in iodine)
  • It’s raw
  • Keeps you regular and aids in digestion
  • Has antibacterial and antiviral properties. You can use it topically for eczema, sunburns, or rashes.

All you have to do is soak it for a couple minutes (since it’s from the sea, it’s full of sand and tiny rocks sometimes), rinse it, and simmer it on the stove for 10 minutes. Do a big batch because it will stay good in the fridge for at least a month.

It may be ugly, but you can make some pretty beautiful things out of it. Like this fancy raw key lime pie.

Raw Key Lime Pie


1/2 cup almonds

1/2 cup cashews

1/4 cup shredded unsweetened coconut

1/4 cup dates

– put everything in a food processor and processor until mixutre is sticky enough to hold together

– press mixture into pie pan


3/4 cup lime juice

3 small avocados

1/2 cup coconut oil, melted

1/2 cup raw agave syrup

1/3 cup irish moss

– put all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth

– poor mixture into pie crust and refrigerate for 30 minutes to settle

– garnish with lime wedges and gogi berries

Drinking the Kool Aid

So here we go…

If you know me, then you know that I have been talking about starting a healthy food blog for quite some time. I’ve always been into having an online personality (probably because I am too shy in person and there are so many things that I just have to say), I’m ¬†always changing my rich, indulgent cravings into healthier alternatives, and I always take pictures of my meals before I eat them. Yep I’m one of “those” people.

So I’m starting this blog to show everyone that plant-based diets are cool. There’s no need to start a vegan diet tomorrow, cold-tofurkey. I for sure did not do that. All you have to do is add more whole foods and plants to your diet, and cut out the fatty, constipating (I’ll be talking about this lots) animal products and processed sugars. It gets easier the more you do it, and I’m here to help. Just remember: cucumbers are cool, not coca cola.

It’s taken me some time to grow into the person I am today when it comes to food and lifestyle. I’ve had my fair share of chicken wings and drinking games, but with every experience you learn what your body likes and doesn’t like. Call me Grandma Lex, but now I’d much prefer to spend a Friday night with my dehydrator and a movie. Homemade banana chips are my new Banana Jacks.

So now that putting spinach in your smoothie is the cool thing to do, I finally have the balls to get this thing started. And in the spirit of having balls…here is my first recipe:

Spicy Balls

1 cup pecans

1 cup dates

1/4 cup raisins

2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp freshly grated nutmeg

1 tsp ginger

1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

1/2 tsp cloves


– Put everything in a food processor and process until the mixture sticks together (test it out by squeezing some n your hands).

– Roll mixture into bite size balls, and refrigerate for half an hour.

* I find that these balls always taste better the next day after all the spices have had some time to make friends with each other.