Hi I’m Lexi and welcome to my site!

I’m one of those lucky ones who have been a foodie since birth. Growing up with a giant garden and parents who have always home-cooked gave me the education and healthy palette I needed to know that wholesome, fresh food is what we are supposed to be eating – and it’s what tastes so good! Ever since I could read a recipe, I was always tweaking it to  take it to that next level of ‘healthy’ and as I grew older and learned more about holistic nutrition, I would be sure to make my creations as plant-based as I could (more times than not it was a fail my boyfriend would agree…let’s just say xantham gum does NOT belong in squash macaroni. But it’s a learning process!).

I’ve always felt very comfortable in the kitchen, but I did not know that I wanted to make a career out of it until I found myself bored out of my plant-based mind at university. It’s not that I didn’t want to learn things like modern poetry and world literature (and I must admit, I did learn a thing or two in those classes), it is just that I found myself more excited about which cleanse I was going to start next or how I was going to make the best vegan muffins ever!?!

So after graduation (I am not a quitter!), I packed up my favourite recipe books and tote bags and headed off to the big city for the internship of my dreams. I was Making Love In The Kitchen for three whole months and oh my what I have learned! I am now a certified Culinary Nutrition Expert (CNE) and can truthfully say that I now know what I am meant to do in life. My next adventure will be Raw Chef School, but until then I’ll be blogging my amateurish creations anyway.

I follow a Flexitarian lifestyle and my recipes do as well. They are simple, with minimal, wholesome, plant-based ingredients that taste delicious. You should be able to find everything you need in the pantry (no need for a special trip to the grocery store!) and I try to incorporate a raw component into each recipe I make. True foods are beautiful and they are meant to be enjoyed. I’m here to show you how easy it is!

– Lexi


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Alexa, I’m so proud of you! You always inspire me – in the kitchen and everywhere else to just be a more chilled out and beautiful person! I survived long CNE days cuz of you!! Blog about ANYTHING and I’d read it. :o) I was hoping for a class reunion at this recent book shoot for our teach…anyway, I hope you have some kind of Toronto craving soon because I’d love to help you test anything. Or we can just dance! Lots of love – I support you 100% blondie.
    Odelia xo

  2. Way to go Alexa! An excellent foray into the blogging world. You have so many good things to share. I am trying these balls tomorrow! Pure energy–I’ll be able to bump the elliptical machine up a notch. Hey, I thought I was the grandma!

  3. Hey great job, now I will have to buy a dehydrator because you know who loves your onion bread!!! What is this juice thing, do only drink juice for 3 days, I would die!!! Need a knew picture it looks like you have been on this juice kick for a week!!! Love Dad

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